• Paul Hernandez

A trip to the Holy land...Israel

Remember our friends who host the national Deaf conference? Guess what... They also host a guided tour of Israel.

In this holy adventure our Pastor and one of our Deaf leaders went on this pilgrimage.

“Every part of the trip was spiritual and emotional. I walked the same spots that Jesus walked. I had the chance to pray in the same places where Jesus prayed."

- Pastor Paul Hernandez

The Upper Room

Jesus has already ascended into heaven. Now the disciples are at this place called the upper room, they’re praying when all of a sudden in comes the Holy Ghost like a mighty rushing wind. The disciples are filled with the Holy Ghost and they start speaking in tongues. People from the outside heard and thought they were drunk...

In this picture you see the group standing on the roof of the place that was called the Upper Room. The picture was take right before the group was about to pray. What a spiritual journey.

The Garden

This isn’t your ordinary garden. This is THEE garden, the garden of Gethsemane. This was the place where Jesus prayed right before He was about to be arrested. Jesus came to this world to die for our sins. That was over 2,000 years ago. The places where Jesus walked and prayed still exist on this earth today. Jesus is alive and is real, my friends.

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