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Is God warning America?

In these special bible study series our Pastor has and will continue to bring out insight to the times we are living in and that we are currently facing. Is COVID-19 and the political discourse we have been witnessing a coincidence that came to plague America?

This series are held on our Tuesday night bible study ONLY for the month of OCTOBER on Zoom. The Bible study focuses on the many parallels between ancient Israel and America. When Israel followed in the ways of God we see that as a nation Israel was prosperous. However the moment Israel sinned repeatedly and turned away from God, they fell into the hands of their enemy to be made captives. If America was founded on the same principles as Israel would America suffer the same fate if we too turned away from God?

For more information tune into our bible study. Or you can contact Pastor Hernandez for a more in depth explanation. Nonetheless this isn't a bible study you're going to want to miss. See you there.

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