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Welcome Campers

What an exciting time. We have had our local church camps in the past but who knew that this year God was going to do something great this year!

We invited all of our families and friends and my goodness... What a great time we all had. Playing games, swimming, an area for children and the Word of God.

What camp is all about?

Having fun is important. We want you to have a good time and feel relaxed at camp. With all the pressures from life coming to church camp should be a time to find peace in the presence of God.

Enjoying the beauty of God's handiwork (nature) in the afternoon and soaking in the Spirit of God in the eveing with life changing preachings. Going to camp is always a great decision.

Don't belive us? Check out some of the pictures...

The Power of God

Yes, this is camp and we had our fun but when God decides He wants to move... boy does He moves in the most powerful way. At first glance you might wonder that in the world is happening? People jumping, crying and speaking in tongues... it's nothing to freak out about. What you're witnessing is the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of God.

The Best Part of Camp

On the last day of camp one of the young Deaf men came up to us and said “I want to get baptize”. Maybe you might think what’s the big deal. The big deal is that we have known him since this young man was 10 years old. That year, when he was 18 years old he finally decided to give his life to Jesus. For 8 years we kept demonstrating the love of God to him. Thank you Jesus we didn’t give up on him and thank you Jesus that You didn’t give up chasing him down.

When we came down the mountain his family came and we all got to witness another person choose to live for God.

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