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Pastor of the Church
Paul Hernandez

God called me to do this humble work. He placed this desire in my heart and thus The Fellowship of Covina was established. God’s purpose for us is to provide a unique church community for believers and demonstrating the love of God to the world.

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Mens Department
Men's Department

Our desire is to equip the men to be the spiritual leaders of their home and families. We want to encourage our men to follow in the footsteps of Jesus: that they too may be able to exemplify the same leadership, love and wisdom in their household.

-Bro. Rene

Men’s Director

Ladies Department
Ladies Department

We want our Sisters in Christ to be Godly women who are abled to put the Lord first in their lives. My goal is to provide the tools necessary to teach their children to love God. Lastly, I want us to be women who know how to create an atmosphere of love for Jesus in their home.

-Sis. Darlene

Ladies Director

Children's Ministry
Children's Ministry

All children deserve to have strong foundation established in their life. The purpose of our children’s ministry is for our little love ones to know the stories of the bible. If they can remember the awesomeness of God’s love through the bible stories then when they grow up they will remember God is always for them.

- Sis. Darlene

Children’s Director

JR. Department
Juniors Deptartment

Not exactly a little kid anymore but not quite a teenage just yet. It’s hard being in the middle school age group. But with God in your life and making friends in the Jr group we are here to help you navigate so that you can reach the best life that Jesus has for you.

-Bro. Paul Rene

Junior Director

Youth Ministry
Youth Ministry

We want to equip our young people with biblical knowledge and tools to live a holy and devoted life for Jesus Christ.

-Bro. Tim Rodriguez

Youth President

Deaf Ministry
Deaf Ministry

It is important for the Deaf community to have clear access to the Word of God. It is my desire to see this Deaf ministry grow. That we are able to learn more about  God and have a stronger personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Click HERE for more Deaf Ministry resources. 

Music Ministry
Music Ministry

I believe that music is used to soften the heart of people so that they can receive the word of God. At the Fellowship of Covina we believe in the importance of worship and we strive to give our best praise to God.

-Sis. Rebekah

Music Director

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